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Popular Call-to-Actions Used Across the Web

Maybe it’s a phase. But now-a-days we’re obsessing over buttons. A lot. Countless minutes of discussion and debate over their shape, color, size, font, text, surely is not an alien concept to seasoned designers and why shouldn’t it be. I mean, think of it. It’s probably the only fundamental functionality of your website – to click a button and get the information you want. But if anything’s come out of our latest addiction it’s this: There is no universal constant. No ‘one-way’ of getting it right. No Holy Grail. No blanket solution. No….you get the point.

Some of the most successful web based companies out there have all kinds of buttons and call to actions out there. We took some time off our schedules to go through our favorite websites, split open their call to actions and compare it to their peers.


Ps: We’ve tried to cover as many business categories as we can, but if you feel any different and would like us to include others feel free to drop us an email: nihar@thebananadesign.co

You can also download the SKETCH version of all these call to actions here.>>

Ecommerce Websites:

Travel Websites:

Video Streaming Websites:

Audio Streaming Websites:

SaaS Websites:

Millenial Media Firms

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