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Identity & Corporate Website for an Angel Investment Fund: Operators Studio

Operators Studio, founded by Soumitra Sharma, is a unique concept of an angel fund that aims at being that critical support system for early stage startups, especially those that get overlooked cause they aren’t part of a trend at that point. The entity, while backed by Soumitra, looks to collaborate with various partners and key stakeholders from across industries and geographies, quite similar to a studio model, bringing different minds together under one roof all working with a collective vision for startups.


The Banana Design Co. was appointed the task to design the identity and a clean, simple yet informative landing page that could help communicate the model, it’s benefits, it’s earlier portfolio companies for other potential partners and startups to get attracted to. We wanted to position and reflect the openness shown buy the founder and his vision to break the norm as far as investments go. The open structure of the logo and it’s usage across the website is a strong symbol of how things aren’t locked in a box and that rules can and, in this particular case, are being changed.