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Identity for Myntra.com’s in-house brand: Here&Now

Here&Now is Myntra’s self-promoted lifestyle brand targeted as a highly specific customer group on Myntra.com (India’s most loved online fashion portal).

What’s interesting about Here&Now was, not just the brief, but the origin. With copious amounts of data that Myntra.com has on buying patterns and consumer behaviour, their teams were able to carve out a highly niche gap that wasn’t being addressed by any of the brand available then. This gap subsequently led to the birth of Here&Now which now is one of the highest selling brands on the entire platform surpassing several globally acclaimed brands.


Our brief was to design an identity for a brand that could be made quickly relatable to the concept of absolute fast-fashion given that the brand undertook that as it’s underlying operating philosophy. Once designed we also had to make sure the logo was scalable on multiple surfaces and mediums not limiting to graphics and digital design but even on-apparel presence (labels, rivets, tags).


(All photographs used are merely to represent the identity and not a part of of any official campaign shoot)