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LA offices

Website for a Social Media Display Startup: FanKave


FanKave is a young startup run by a team straight out of the offices of Netflix, Microsoft and Oracle. It’s services help brands use all their user generated and social content, process them through FanKave’s Machine Learning powered algorithms to display highly relevant content to larger audiences through mediums such as Jumbotrons, Digital Signages, VR Devices, PC/Laptops and Mobile Phones.

Having several marquee clients such as the NBA, Cisco, India Premier League (IPL), the firm was set out now to be taken seriously and compete with some larger players in the space. Which is when they approached us for a world-class experience through their website.

Being a company strongly focused on visuals and display, the entire approach was to go with a ‘larger-than-life’ looking digital presence giving consumers a quick insight into how large their brands could actually be displayed.