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Redesigning a micro-financing startup’s website.

When we were first approached by INDIFI late June 2017, we really weren’t sure what to expect. Think about it, a company like INDIFI focusing on micro-financing for SME’s all across the country approaching a bunch of design geeks who, usually are known to run far away from financial keywords or jargons, let along companies promoting those, as much as possible. (Think Forrest Gump when he was a kid and found his feet for the first time since birth)

1. You lessen your chances:

But boy was it a game changer. The team was nothing like what we thought it would be. Everyone was young, super enegeretic and truly believed in what they were solving everyday. Enough to get us excited? Hell yes!

Here’s what it’s about. INDIFI positions itself as a micro-financeer for small and medium sized enterprises, very similar to our setup, across different sectors. So if a business like ours needs loans, working capital or simple bridge funds, INDIFI steps in, vets us and authorises a loan of upto 50 Lakhs within 3-5 working days. Sounds simple right? Well upto a point it is, but then we started asking some questions, that were borderline suspicious, to ourselves: How do they vet people?, Where’s the money coming from?, Is this even legit?, What are their interest rates?, Will they kidnap our family in the event we miss a re-payment? and a few more eye brow slanting questions.

That’s when it hit us. We weren’t the only one asking these questions. Their potential customers were too. And just like that we knew exactly what we were solving.

This wasn’t just a mere web-revamp. It was an opportunity to re-position INDIFI in the eyes of it’s users as a reliable, stable and legit business enabler.

Our preliminary inspirations were quite a few:

  • The world’s largest and most reliable banks their loan specific departments
  • A host of competitors in a similar space both domestic and international
  • Global non-banking money lending institutions
  • Financial institutions operating in peripheral segments

The research was for us to get intiated in this space and look for patterns, case studies and general informational architectures that were used by all. As much as it got us initiated, the more we looked at other players, the more we learnt that INDIFI had to stand out. Be more human. More approachable and appear reliable. More quick.Which subsequently became our go-to keyword whenever we got distracted on our design boards. (“Is this quick?”, “Is this easy?”)

In addition to the team at INDIFI, we then proceeded to ask a few people in our close networks running SME’s about their working capital problems, how they solve them, where do they go in case they are crunched for cash, had they heard of INDIFI and a few more questions to understand their perpsective on this.

Equipped with all the data we needed we got down to work. The design evovled pretty quickly from the first look the the look that we now see.

2. You piss users off

We wanted to ensure we played strongly on the brands’ core colors and overall language. Creating a UI Kit in parallel was an important step to be able to achieve this

To make the brand human, we focused strongly on bold testimonials and real comments from real customers across the website to help reinforce reliability and security.

Our research allowed us to think of coming up a really simple yet highly visual format of allowing users to apply for a form. Due to government mandates certain data fields are a must so there was really no work-around to ‘reducing the number of steps’ in the application form. Our solution, was to make it smarter and visually appealing. We started the onboarding process on the homepage itself so the user didn’t have to find or locate a specific button to start the process (Remember our ‘quick’ motto?)

Step 2 onwards we take the user a different page which allows us to start taking all mandatory information yet give a solid visual experience.

The navigation dropdown allows the user to travel on any section / product / segment the user wishes to go without getting confused.

A lot more went into re-desiging this promising young startups website which we’re sure you’ll experience when you visit it here: www.indifi.com. And if you’re a young startup in need of working capital, line of credit, invoice discounting or a basic cash advance you know who to go to.

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